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CONNECT TO OUR TC FAMILY To receive weekly travel holiday and flight deals, discount codes and flight error notifications straight to your inbox. Straight deals, no spam, no obligation. SEND ME CHEAP HOLIDAY DEALS     {{brizy_dc_post_tax_category}} Cash-Strapped This January? 5 Holiday Destinations You Can Still Enjoy from as Little as £44pp {{brizy_dc_post_date}} 14 2 SHARES […]


Winter is coming…In truth and judging by the weather we had around Bonfire night, winter is arguably already here and for those of us who find it hard to operate in this type of weather (and by operate, we mean get out of our warm and cosy beds in the morning) we're looking to escape to hotter climates. Having searched the inter-webs and our exclusive sources, we can tell you there are really only 5 winter sun holiday destinations that you need to be focusing on this year for some real winter sun:

1. Are You Riad[y] For This One?

Yes, we could have done better with the caption, but we bet you repeated it to yourself twice (out loud) so we don't expect any judgement here 🙂

The vast and colourful plains of Marrakech have long been a winter sun destination for pale Brits desperate for a scorch of sun and happiness. While the weather in comparison to summer months is palpable in some respects, it's constant 19 - 23 degree Celsius temperatures during the day will always beat out our sub-zero-one-snow-flake-and-all-trains-cancelled type of British weather.

This upcoming January why not spend a weekend tucked away in a cosy Riad in Marrakech. Weekend flights start from as little as £60.00 - find your ticket here.

Travelling to Marrakech over the winter period? Make your life that much easier and get yourself a Marrakech specific packing and to-do list right here.

2. Dubai my Lover, Dubai my Friend

Dubai, over the past 10 years having become synonymous with the epitome of luxury holiday escapes with luxury shop malls, modern architecture and a flamboyant party scene, it is a rarity to find a flight ticket to this destination that is under £300 - but that's just what we've done!

Live it up at the Burj Khalifa, visit the world famous Jumeirah Mosque, get lost in the souks or jump down exhilarating water slides at Wild Wadi park (or if you change you mind and want to remember what the cold feels like, opt for an indoor skiing session at Ski Dubai!). There is so much to do in Dubai and you can have access to all the fun i in January into February with flight tickets starting from £247

3. Aye Aye Captain

Although becoming a more popular holiday destination thanks to the likes of Thomas Cook, still for many, the African Island paradise known as Cape Verde is a mystery waiting to be experienced. Initially 'discovered' by the Portuguese and once a key trading hub, this island has now become a luxury beach getaway experience that will likely in the near future become a great contender for places like the Maldives.

Cape Verde is also generally a great place to try out or practice water activities such as windsurfing and kite-surfing. Sao Pedro Beach is arguably one of the world’s finest for speed windsurfing. So what are you waiting for? Time to brush up those windsurfing skills (or if you prefer the finer things in life, your tanning and prosecco drinking skills) with flights to Cape Verde in December starting from just £226

4. Ab-Accra-Dabara

It may be hard to imagine currently, with it being the "Year of Return" and flight prices having quadrupled over night in anticipation of all of the upcoming celebrations and events for December; but it is actually possible to grab a flight ticket to Ghana for less than £350! - you just have to wait until after the December/January period to depart.

Yes, it would be great to join in the highly publicised (pretty much viral) celebrations, especially if Beyonce will be making an appearance, but Ghana has so much more to offer outside of these months. If you are after authentic cultural experiences, lively beaches, elephant safaris and weather that reaches heights of 33 degrees celsius in winter, Ghana is the place to be in 2020.

Grab a flight to Accra, Ghana in February during school half term for just £295.

5. Let My People Go [On More Holidays Of Course!]

A country so full of history, culinary wonders and miles of desert, the great sunny weather in Egypt during Britain's colder months is just a bonus. Explore and soak in the vast and ancient history of Egypt by following the path to its many tombs, museums and pyramids; scour the markets for the best street food dishes (especially great for vegans and vegetarians) or dive deep into the depths of Egypt's waters and appreciate the thriving colourful reefs in Hurghada, with water temperatures still reaching around 22 degrees Celsius during the daytime in January.

Prices for flights to Egypt in January are currently unusually low, starting at just £141 - so be quick while you can!*

*Note that this is the price for an indirect flight, with two different airlines, so you if you have any luggage in hold you will need to collect the same and check them in for your next flight. We would suggest only carrying hand luggage.