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What to Pack for a Winter Trip

to Morocco

Including a FREE Packing & To-Do List For Your Winter Getaway

April 22, 2020


During the winter months you may still get a lot of sunshine in Morocco, but temperatures can vary between 13 degrees Celsius and 23 degrees Celsius. There is also the heightened

chance of rain showers, making it difficult to determine what to wear and pack, especially with a restricted luggage allowance. In order to help you pack and make the most out of your limited luggage space, we're going to run through some of the must-have items to cover you during the wintertime in Morocco

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1. A Compact Umbrella

This will go a long way, especially when it comes to the random rain showers that befall Morocco during the December and January months, mostly in the mornings but also occasionally into the afternoon. You don't want the rain to stop you from enjoying and exploring this country - trust me there is too much to do and always too little time! Most of the rain showers do not last all day and so letting the rain potentially stop you in your tracks and making you re-arrange your excursions all because you didn't carry a brolly, is hardly ever worth it.

2. At Least One Jumper/Cardigan

Both the mornings and evenings tend to get quite chilly and so it always a good idea to carry a jumper, cardigan or similar that you can layer on and layer off easily as you go through the varying temperatures during the day. Also if you're planning to visit the desert, such layers are a must as it gets even colder in the desert than it does in any of the main cities or towns (excluding Esauria and the coast, which tend to be extremely windy).

3. Windbreaker or Light Jacket

If you plan to do any of the following: hiking, visiting the Atlas Mountains, visiting the coast, quad biking or similar; a windbreaker or light jacket is mandatory (we would even suggest a pair of gloves and scarf in addition if you're visiting in the height of winter). As we were quad biking through Jiblets Desert and the Palmeraie at speeds of 30+ miles per an hour, the most obvious feeling at the beginning of the ride was one of pure cold. The wind was hitting my chest and hands so hard that I kept having to flex my hands at breaks to warm them up! On our most recent trip, we didn't get to visit the Atlas Mountains (although we could see it in the distance from our Hotel) but it is well known that the mountain tops are covered in snow every winter time.

4. Opaque Leggings or Trousers

Bring as a back up or as everyday wear - I personally wore a combination of dresses with tights and leggings during our 5 day holiday - but one thing is almost certainly sure, you will need a pair of bottoms that covers your legs not only due to the chiller temperatures or the practicality of walking through some muddy terrains (especially if it rains) but also due to the fact that the population has a muslim majority and more modest clothing is respected.

I cannot stress this enough, but for the ladies, please please please do not go walking around in booty shorts. We know that you came here for a winter sun holiday, but not only will you feel silly as temperatures are just not that hot enough for such attire, you will risk disrespecting the local community.

5. Waterproof Trainers or Walking Boots

If it does rain while you're out and about the last thing you will want to do is be walking around with squishy wet trainers, your feet soaked and cold and that uncomfortable feeling you get from just being wet. I would highly recommend bringing a pair of waterproof trainers or hiking/walking boots.

This is particularly useful if and when going quad biking where the mud and dust from the desert and palmeraie can get kicked up on to your feet and clothes from the sheer power and speed of the quad bike! Its so much easier to clean a pair of waterproof trainers than it is to clean canvas trainers when they get muddy or dirty and in addition you don't have to worry about the trainers drying, before you can wear them again.

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