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We're Back & We're Better

Updates from the past year and our Goals for 2020

December 23, 2019


I've said it once and on behalf of the Travel Connective, I'll say it again, we've missed you. Sorry it's taken so long to get back on our feet, but with the things we have planned for 2020, you'll understand why.

Alice Ogeh


A Lawyer in her previous life, the copious hours of scrutinising law text books, case law and wikipedia have resulted in the birth of a creature, whose capability to research into the paths less trodden, surpasses most seasoned travellers.

Now with more funding, a new business schedule which means that I can personally commit more time to helping you plan your ideal holiday and a new rigour for 2020, we aim to bring more consistent, relevant and helpful travel content to you, more travel deals and discounts, exciting partnerships and a brand new website which will honestly revolutionise the way us Brits search for and book our holidays. Stay tuned to find out when we launch and become one of only 250 people who will get to take advantage of our site and services when it launches for Beta Testing.

To give you a peep into some of the things we have building into lately, keep reading:

1. New Website

We will soon be launching a new website featuring our freemium service offering. A lot of you subscribed to our email list already know about the great value-for-money holiday packages which we have curated for clients based on their wants and needs. Now we're packaging up that service in a user friendly and easily accessible website, to make it easier and more convenient for you to book the perfect holiday.

Simply type in your own words what type of holiday you're looking for, select your key words (e.g. girls trip, spa, luxury), input your chosen travel dates and budget and our intelligent search function will automatically scan the inter-webs and our personally negotiated links to list out the best destinations within budget that fit your criteria.

Choose your destination and we do the rest of the hard work, curating flight and hotel travel packages tailored to you within budget. This means that you get to sidestep the daunting 30+ hours of reading through reviews, searching through multiple flight and hotel websites to get the best deal and researching your destination, as we do this for you.

2. Fortnightly Travel Deals Email

Focusing only on curated travel deals moving forward, we're coming to you harder with this one! From previous feedback it appears that while a lot of you appreciated the stupidly cheap flight deals we used to post, a lot of you also wanted to get recommendations of hotels to book to create an actual holiday. Well we listened and this year, all deals that we post will be curated holiday packages, to make it easier for you to book a great deal. What's even better is that instead of coming to you monthly, we will now be coming to you every fortnight capturing more unique deals and giving you an update on what we have in store for you, so be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend.

3. Better and Bigger Content

Expect new content on our blog and website at least once every week and we are truly going to be sharing travel industry secrets and hacks and digging into topics that really matter, like practical tried and tested methods for saving for a holiday, tips for introverted travellers travelling solo and more. You can read some of our already published posts here.

4. Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

This year as we grow our online presence we're looking to collaborate with some major players within the travel and tourism industry (look out for content on this which will be coming soon) as well as enthusiastic, down-to-earth and authentic travellers. We don't care about follower count, or passport stamps as that doesn't necessarily determine a true interest in travel, culture and tourism. But if you have a passion for travel or even just a passion for your local area or you know someone that does, please get in touch with us here so that we can discuss opportunities further.

5. Group Holidays

Something that we're really excited about (myself in particular!) is a new offering we will be launching in Summer 2020 - traveller-led group travel. I don't know whether it's because I am nearing my thirties and I have seen my circle get smaller and smaller, that I feel a need to reach out of my comfort zone into meeting new people (which requires a certain level of vulnerability - yuck!); but I know having spoken to other millennials that I am not alone.

Some of my best and most authentic travel experiences have been when I have travelled solo and met a group of like-minded travellers or locals (who I was brave enough to speak to!) and been able to explore parts of a country that I would never have known about or explored by myself. Now, with the power of technology and a growing collective of authentic travel lovers and destination experts, we're able to bring these types of experiences to your doorstep.

You may even be someone who loves to travel, is great at planning itineraries or has in-depth knowledge about a particular city or even country. If so, we would love to hear from you and tell you a bit more about why this would be a great opportunity for you to join a forward-thinking revolution.

Well, we hope you are as excited as us about all that we have planned once the New Year hits.

If you like what you've read so far, ways you can support us is by following and engaging with us on social media, getting your friends to sign up to our email newsletter (gain a £5 reward to spend on our itinerary services and upcoming group travel collaborations for you and your friend) and being one of the first to test our website (see point 1) once it launches!

We love you and appreciate all the support (and enquiries regarding our whereabouts during our hiatus!) and we hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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